Avery GHG ASD Boomer Dog Stand Bottomland Camo

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This Ad is for One (1) NEW Avery GHG ASD Boomer Dog Stand in Bottomland camo.

The ASD Boomer Hunter-Retriever Hunting Dog Stand from Avery  is a great seat for your water dog keeping him up out of the water until it's time for him to retrieve your downed birds. This stand was designed by an old school timber duck hunter to be the most effective retriever stand for flooded timber hunting.

   •Fits trees with up to 55" circumference
   •18" x 21" platform accommodates most dogs
   •Holds up to 250 pounds
   •Padded Neoprene shoulder sleeve makes it comfortable to tote
   •Weighs about 9 pounds
   •Three grip points for a secure and stable launch platform for your retriever
   •Buckbrush camo pattern