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Half dozen (6) NEW Pro-Grade Life-size Canada goose shell decoys made by Avery Greenhead Gear. Note the enhanced paint detail on these decoys, particularly the striping on the sides, much like the Avery Pro-Grade series full body decoys. These new Pro-Grade Life-size goose shells just came out recently, and they are one-piece shells (the heads are flocked and molded right into decoy) for super-fast set-up time! The bodies on these decoys are split-proof and seamless and they are 20" long, 10" wide, and 8" tall. All the heads are sleepers!

What could look more relaxed than a Canada goose with his head tucked under his wing sleeping? These are great decoys for hunting loafing areas, but they also add a very contented look when mixed with other decoys in field situations. And with the heads molded right into the bodies, set-up time couldn't be faster, and they still stack great as well! Add these to your spread to give it a more relaxed look!

These decoys are brand new. Each purchase is for 6 NEW one-piece sleeper shell decoys, but if you'd like more, just purchase the quantity wanted and we'll combine shipping on them and other items to save you money!

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