Avian-X AXP Painted Lessers (6) w/ 6 Slot Bag

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Avian-X AXP Feeder Pack 6 NEW Painted Full body Lessers w/ Bag. Avian-X releases their new addition for field hunters. Introducing the New Avian-X Full Body Lesser Canada Goose Decoys.

These decoys are 20% oversized and work perfect for the open fields of the West to attract large groups of Lessers and they are equally as effective in the East decoying James Bay Geese and many smaller sub-species of geese.

They blend in perfect with Honker decoys and give you the added color contrast, size difference, and postures to create the perfect full body goose rig.

Avian-X AXP Lesser Canada Action Pack includes (2) Stretch Feeders (2)Picking Feeders (2)Real Feeders