Banded Atchafalaya Vest Max-5 Camo Size Small

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This is a NEW  Atchafalaya Vest Max-5 Camo made by Banded.  This Vest comes in Mossy Oak Max 5 Camo.  It has the Banded logo embroidered on the front. Protects your core while allowing for maximum exertion and evaporation.

Aside from gadwalls and teal, opening day in the Atchafalaya features gators, snakes and mosquitoes. After that runs the gamut of skim-ice, torrential rains, stinging winds and greenheads. Through it all stand the hardwoods, cypress, saw-grass Under it all is the MUD! It's not a place for the faint of heart. The weather changes by the hour, and the critters and terrain leave no margin for error.

Dramatic temperature swings in a place where poling a boat and long pulls through knee-deep mud are everyday occurrences call for a garment which warms the core while allowing movement and encouraging evaporation. The Atchafalaya Vest is the answer. A windproof and weather resistant Stealth-Shell outer provides protection from the elements while a coral fleece inner keeps your core temperature up. Cargo pockets on the chest and zippered hand pockets provide critical storage, and it's finished with a water resistant YKK zipper.

“Comfort” and “swamp” weren't used in the same sentence...until now!


This Vest is brand new with tags.  Each purchase is for one NEW Atchafalya Vest Max-5 Camo, but if you'd like more, just purchase the quantity wanted and we'll combine shipping on them and other items to save you money!