Banded Deluxe Slough Stool BottomLand Camo

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This is a NEW Deluxe Slough Stool for duck and goose hunting made by Banded in Mossy Oak BottomLand camo! 

This Slough Stool is perfect for cattails, marshes, and swamps.  The highly durable angle iron construction and anchoring feet provide stability and a secure hold in mud, dirt, or gravel.  Adjustable height settings from 26.5" to 34" accommodate varying water depths and hunter heights.  The 12-1/2" x 11-1/4" padded seat provides the comfort of a permanent blind wherever you hunt.  Carrying strap is included.

This Slough Stool is brand new and it has never been used.  Each purchase is for one NEW Deluxe Slough Stool in BottomLand Camo, but if you'd like more, just purchase the quantity wanted and we'll combine shipping on them and other items to save you money!