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One (1) NEW tube (10 oz. net weight) of Bird Proof transparent gel bird repellent made by Bird-X. This is a great product to get rid of bird pests around your home and buildings and keep them from coming back.

Bird Proof is a long lasting, non-toxic, tacky bird repellent for use on ledges, sills, beams, rafters and hundreds of other indoor and outdoor locations where nuisance birds land or roost. Bird Proof repellent can effectively discourage pigeons, starlings, house sparrows and certain other nuisance birds from roosting on or returning to a treated area for up to one year.

If birds see the material on a potential landing surface, they are not likely land upon it. If they do decide to land on a surface that has Bird Proof Gel applied, they find the sticky, slimy surface to be very uncomfortable and they will not stay for long. They learn over time to avoid it and they do not return to the locations that have been treated with Bird Proof Gel.

This product is easily applied with a standard caulk gun. One tube treats approximately 10 linear feet and lasts for about a year.

Here's what others have had to say about Bird Proof:

"Here's a fan letter. Your product is working GREAT. No bird droppings since the gel was applied. None! And we have seen birds walking around the swingset, on the ground, probably frustrated! Keep up the good work." Scott W., North Kingstown, Rhode Island

"My problem was that many common house sparrow's were invading my aluminum canopy by building nests, having their young and just creating a real nuisance. It got so bad, we couldn't enjoy sitting outdoors. After removing the nests, grass, etc. from the gutters, I applied one application of Bird-Proof Gel to the ledges and to my amazement the birds were gone. Not one bird entered the canopy after I applied the Gel. It seems like that they just knew that something was different. It's a great product." Joel J., Cottonport, La.

"When you come across a product that is new to you and does what it says, you become overwhelmed and want to tell the "whole world". Your Gel Repellent was applied over a year ago and shows no sign of deterioration and best of all the birds (mostly big ravens and terns) no longer come near our building." Leroy F., Huntington Beach, California

This item is brand new and it has never been used. We are authorized Bird-X dealers and as such this product is warranted by the manufacturer to be free of defects for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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