Hardcore Elite-Series Fully Flocked Full Body Canada Goose Feeders Six

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Six (6) New Elite-Series Full Body Canada Goose Feeders made by Hard Core Decoys. Decoys included are 3 Hungry Feeders, 3 Active Feeders and 6 TruMotion Bases

Features include:

  • Fully Flocked for added realism
  • Advanced one piece design
  • NEW durable HDPE construction with a high strength-to-density ratio
  • TruMotion Base creates natural movement while preventing the decoy from spinning
  • Evenly balanced base prevents decoy from tipping over in high winds
  • Life-like body postures
  • New 3D angled paint scheme creates realistic looks from all angles
  • Bodies will hold up in the most Hard Core of siuations
  • Natural life-like characteristics

These decoys are brand new and they have never been used.  Each purchase is for 6 NEW Canada goose decoys, but if you'd like more, just purchase the quantity wanted and we'll combine shipping on them and other items to save you money!