Heavy Hauler AR-1 Layout Blind Bag Killer Korn Corn Camo

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New for 2017!!

Heavy Hauler
AR-1 Layout Blind Bag. In a Brand NEW for 2017 Killer Korn camo pattern!! This pattern is the only corn pattern found on the marketing today. And we are one of the exclusive dealers in the country.
No longer will you have to struggle with finding extra room as it quickly converts to a linear form that lies beside you and out of the way in a layout blind allowing much needed gear to be at the ready.  Each compartment will hold 4 boxes of shotgun shells each or a combination of ammo and gear.

 A mesh zip open pocket under the lid allows more storage.  The AR-1 allows for all the room one needs for gear while being versatile.   If the hunt takes you to a pit, boat, or even timber the AR-1 blind bag will adapt like no other bag on the market. The shoulder carry strap quickly converts to a “tree belt” allowing the AR-1 to be wrapped around and strapped to a tree keeping ammo, calls, food and drink at the ready.  No longer does your bag need to be just a bag, but rather, gear that makes your hunt more efficient and enjoyable.

This ad is for one new Killer Korn blind bag but if you would like more just purchase the quantity needed and we will combine shipping to save your money!